Served between 11.30 a.m. - 03.00 p.m. Monday-Friday Gluten Free Available upon Request


Served with vegetable, egg roll, and salad

Rice with Yellow, Red* or Green* Curry

(choice of chicken, pork, beef or vegetables)

Rice with Peanut Sauce

(choice of chicken, beef or vegetables)

Rice with Basil*

(choice of chicken, pork, beef, vegetables or prawns (add $ 1.00 for prawns))

Rice with Satay

(choice of chicken or beef)

Rice with Spicy Garlic B.B.Q Chicken*

Rice with Stir-fried chicken, ginger, onions and snow peas

Papaya Salad with BBQ Chicken and Sticky Rice


* Spiciness can be adjusted to your taste

1. Duck Noodle Soup

Roasted Duck served in an egg noodle soup

$ 11.00

2. Boat Noodle Soup (New)

Rice noodles with authentic Thai spices soup with pork and meatballs

$ 10.00

3. Guay Tiaw Tom Yum Noodle Soup* (New)

Glass noodle soup with ground pork, fish balls, ground peanuts, fresh lime and ground chili

$ 9.00

4. Chicken Noodle Soup

Rice noodle with chicken soup

$ 9.00

5. Wonton Soup (New)

Pork wonton soup with BBQ pork, spinach and beansprout

$ 9.50

6. Highway Noodles

Choose chicken, beef, pork or prawns stir-fried with flat rice noodles, special soy sauce broccoli and egg (add $1.50 for prawns)

$ 9.00

7. Legendary Pad Thai

Choose chicken, beef, pork or prawns stir-fried with thin rice noodle, egg, tofu served with ground peanuts and bean sprouts (add $1.50 for prawns)

$ 9.00

8. Drunkard Noodles*

Chicken, beef, pork or prawns stir-fried with flat rice noodles, egg, cabbage, bells, basil, tomato and chili (add $1.50 for prawns)

$ 9.00

9. Pouring Noodles

Choose chicken, beef, pork or prawns, broccoli and black bean sauce poured over flat rice-noodles (add $1.50 for prawns)

$ 9.00

10. Coconut Cove Noodles

Choose chicken, beef, pork or prawns, mushroom, baby corn, scallions and black bean sauce poured over crispy fried egg noodles (add $1.50 for prawns)

$ 9.00


11. Fried Rice

Rice stir-fried with onion, egg and your choice of chicken, beef, pork or prawns (add $ 1.00 for prawns)

$ 9.00

12. Rice with Duck

Roasted duck served over rice with steamed vegetables

$ 11.00

13. Rice with Chicken

Stir-fried chicken with broccoli, garlic and oyster sauce served over rice

$ 9.00

14. Rice with Bar-B-Q Chicken

Thai Style Bar-B-Q Chicken served with rice

$ 9.50

15. Holy Basil Pork

Ground pork stir fried with holy basil, green bean, bells, and jalapenos. Served over rice (add $1.50 for fried egg)

$ 9.50

16. Fried Chicken with Fried Rice

Fried chicken served with fried rice and sweet sour sauce

$ 9.50

17. Rice with Roast Pork (Kha Moo)

Tender roast pork served with rice, Chinese broccoli and hard-boiled egg

$ 10.00

18. Rice with Panaeng Salmon*

Salmon in panaeng curry with green beans, baby corn, bell pepper, jalapenos and carrots

$ 12.00

19. Rice with Ginger Paste Prawns*

Rice with sautéed prawns with ginger paste, green beans, snow peas, carrots and red bell pepper

$ 10.00

20. Sauteed Green Bean

Sauteed Green Bean, garlic and chili served with fried rice

$ 9.00

21. Sauteed Tofu with Eggplant*

Sauteed tofu, eggplant with garlic, bells, jalapeno, basil and chili served with rice

$ 10.00

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