1.  Golden Cups                                                

Ground Chicken, potatoes, onions and curry served in a fried rice paper pouch


2.  Flaming Beef    (Gluten Free)              

Grilled flank steak served with a fiery dipping sauce

3.  Roti with Curry sauce                  

Pan fried East Indian flat bread served with a curry dipping sauce


4.  Siam Satay  (Gluten Free)                    

Charcoal broiled chicken or beef skewers marinated in Thai spices and served with peanut sauce and a cucumber salad

5.  Fancy Fish Cake                                 

Fried fish cakes served with a cucumber sauce

6.  Spicy Angel Wings  (Gluten Free)         

Fried chicken wings with fresh chili, garlic and fried basil

7.  Ladyfinger Rolls                           

Fried egg rolls with ground chicken, black fungus, glass noodles and carrots, served with sweet and sour sauce

8.  Garden Fresh Rolls (Gluten Free)       

Rice paper rolls with fresh vegetables served with a carrot sauce  (add prawns $1.50)    

9.  Mint Leaf Surprise (Gluten Free)      

Grilled pork or beef seasoned with mint leaves, lime juice, chili, onions, and rice powder

10.Thai Hot Pot Stickers                       

Chicken vegetable dumplings served with spring Mustard, teriyaki and spicy chili sauce 


11.Garlic Quail  (Gluten Free)                 

Fried quail, marinated with Thai herbs served with a spicy dipping sauce


12. Vegetable Eggroll                           

Fried egg rolls with glass noodles, mushroom, cabbage and carrot served with sweet and sour sauce


13. Jungle Tom Yum Soup*  (Gluten Free)

Chicken or prawns(Add $3) in spicy and sour soup with mushrooms, tomatoes and lemon grass. Serves two

14.  Ocean Seafood Soup*                         

Combination seafood soup with lemongrass, sweet basil and jalapenos.  Serves two

15.  Coconut Bay Soup                            

Chicken or prawns(add $3)  in coconut milk soup with bamboo shoots and galanga. Serves two

16.  Silver Noodle Soup                             

Silver noodle, napa cabbage, chicken, prawns, shitake mushroom, and scallions

17.  Papaya Pok Pok Salad                  

Shredded green papaya mixed with green beans, Chili, carrots, tomatoes and peanuts

18.  Vegetarian Delight Salad         

Green salad, bean curd, tomatoes, cucumbers, Red onions, bean sprouts, topped with peanut dressing